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Apr 29, 2015

Zaria Suggs is this week’s guest on SAY SOMETHING, ANYTHING, and her spoken word style poems are particularly impressive-- especially for an eighteen year old. The SDSU freshman talks about being a singer /writer / performer for as long as she can remember. She weaves her words together and speaks them eloquently, a product not only of her natural creativity, but her years of debate and speech club (for which she placed fourth in the nation).  Zaria’s friend, Kyle DeGuzman joined us for this session, filming the interview behind the scenes as part of his own creative project. As exemplified by both Zaria and Kyle, College is a beautiful time to explore creative ideas by putting yourself out there and seizing opportunities. They have a refreshing energy. Take a listen. ALSO check out Kyle's films on his YouTube page: Check out his YouTube page: 

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Apr 21, 2015

Spoken word poet Rolland Tizuela tells the full story of how he went from backpacking across the Pacific Rim to founding the super rad art / poetry group, Glassless Minds (Try and figure that one out. Or just read about it on their Facebook page.) The story is part kismet (something about a disappearing guy with an espresso machine), part pure love (think secretly placing hand-bound poetry books into the shelves at Barnes & Noble), and includes Rolland’s own induction into the fascinating world of spoken word. Star Wars metaphors, 8 Mile references, and another bar. We talk about finding your own voice, and though Rolland came into slam poetry learning from some of the “heavy hitters” as he puts it, his own voice is loud and clear, and evident through the TRULY incredible poems he reads (and has memorized). Don’t miss this one. And stick around for – or at least skip ahead to – the Columbus poem at the end.


Glassless Minds:

Urban Spellbook:  

Apr 16, 2015

Anna Zappoli is an artist and a poet from the Province of Catania in Italy, which makes her amazing right off the bat. She could be saying anything and her voice would sound like sweet poetry or music. As it turns out, though, the words she does use are filled with artistic wisdom and incredible input on the discipline it takes to be a writer or an artist. The importance of allowing yourself to feel all your feelings, the good ones and the bad ones, because in the end, they all serve as inspiration for the beautiful things you create. Then (by request) she speaks some Italian. 

Apr 8, 2015

In this BITCHIN' (our guest’s current favorite word) episode of SAY SOMETHING, ANYTHING, poet Garrett Bryant reads some incredible poetry and discusses the benefits of an MFA Creative Writing program. This is a bitchin’ (had to) episode for writers who have or are debating getting their MFA in Creative Writing. From first hand experience, Garrett talks about the payoff coming in the form of excellent one on one guidance, the connections made, and the collaborations that a program can lead to. Garrett Bryant co-founded Poetic Youth, an outreach organization, teaching poetry to underserved youth populations. He is also involved with SDSU’s annual poetry journal, Poetry International as well as the multi-genre publisher, Locked Horn Press.

Poetry International:

Poetic Youth:

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Apr 1, 2015

Michael Klam is both funny and helpful in his poetry, so it’s cool that most of his answers to the questions (questions which deal primarily with writers' frustration when it comes to validation that their work is important / has an impact / matters) come in poem form. Like his poem “Bad Puppet Shows: A Field Guide for Young Poets in Job Interviews,” which contains the lines: “some people say never quit your day job, I say, never quit your art, because day jobs are always out there, lurking in the minds of puppets, and in the shadows of wasted years.” And more succinctly in another poem: “if you don’t love what you do, you can survive it, but if you don’t do what you love, you’re fucked…” He may be caught in a vicious cycle of caffeine addiction and possibly has multiple personalities, but who doesn’t these days? Michael Klam’s book, Emma and the Buddha Frog, was published by SAY SOMETHING ANYTHING’s own press (Puna Press) and can be bought on our website: Michael will also be hosting an event on June 20th at the Museum of the Living Artist to celebrate another anthology being published by the San Diego Poetry Annual: featured readings and a slam-esque poem performance award with a chance to win $$$. 

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